Friday, November 30, 2012

More Pix from the NaDa Farm Sale

 Here are more of the photos I promised from the awesome NaDa Farm Barn Sale.
(I'm still having trouble getting my pix to post at the correct size after the second photo. If anyone can help me on that I'd REALLY appreciate it! The first 2 pix of each post are fine but after that I can't adjust the size.)

That said, here are some more of the awesome dealers that sold their wares this past October.
Christie  and her gals from Carter's Cottage in DeKalb, IL, had a great booth!
Rachel Polly had this fabulous upholstered chair!
I picked up some wonderful brown transferware from her booth --
LOVE IT!   Thanks Rachel!
Cracker Jax had gorgeous clothing and shabby chic items.
Check out those beautiful crinolines!

More from Cracker Jax
A few more photos to post...soon.
(Sure would like to get the picture size figured out first though.)
Graniteware Gal   :  )

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