Friday, June 6, 2014

My Trip to Iowa - Part 1

Hi Everyone!
I'm sooooo excited that my blog in working better now, and I can once again upload photos! I mean, what's a blog post without pictures! I've been anxious to share with you about my recent trip to Iowa. I rarely ever take a trip by know...kind of a ME-TRIP. In fact, I don't think I've ever taken a ME-TRIP by myself just to go do something just for me. I even felt a little guilty! But, at the same time, so excited!! I needed this time of refreshing and rejuvenating to be better for those around me.

For years I've been saying I was going to take a few days and head out to Iowa to my cousin's rug hooking shop. Well, actually it's my 2nd cousin...or 1st cousin once removed...I always get confused about that. Anyway, my 2nd cousin Marge and her daughter, Beth, have an AWESOME shop in the sweet little town of Osage, IA. It's called Ewe & Eye Designs. Check it out here! I'll be showing you lots of great pix of the shop later.

Starting out on my trip, I made preparations for my guys (who assured me they'd be fine and wouldn't starve). It was hard to leave my beautiful Lion's Club roses that my husband had gotten for me and that had just been delivered a couple days earlier, sooooooooooo...I put a couple blooms in a bud vase and brought them along in the cup holder of my van. They were gorgeous and were a constant reminder of my wonderful family at home!
Notice the Starbuck's drink! (I had been on the road for several hours by this time.)
It was a beautiful sunny day! Of course, I had my camera ready. The great thing about driving all by yourself is that you can pull over to take a photo at ANY time (without driving your husband insane!)
 I couldn't resist this shot.
Somewhere in southern Wisconsin.

When I crossed over into Iowa, I made a quick detour just to get a photo of this PINK ELEPHANT near McGregor. There's a long story behind this guy in my childhood...but I'll save that for another time. For now, I just HAD to get that photo.
The next place was one of those swerve-off-on-the-shoulder-and-backup photo opportunities. Again, good thing I was by myself...and no one was right behind me! I couldn't resist this beautiful old cemetery in the morning sun.
Actually, the sign was a little difficult to read against the blue sky. I was just repositioning myself for a better camera angle when suddenly, the perfect oblong cloud moved right behind the sign and perfectly framed the words. Thanks, God!
The old monuments were stunning.

On this trip churches and steeples and architecture seemed to call to me. I found myself pulling over to take photos of the tall spires and graceful, majestic, soaring lines. I loved the image of this one off in the distance!

What a day of rejoicing as I drove!

Next stop - Decorah, IA. I'll save that for the next post.
                                                                                                     Graniteware Gal

Monday, March 24, 2014

Problems with my Blog Page

Hi Friends!
I've been wanting to make a new post for quite some time,
but I've run into a snag.
What's a blog post without pictures?! I LOVE pictures!!
Ever since my Christmas post, I haven't been able to add
any photos to my posts. I keep trying...
and my sweet hubby (who can fix anything)
keeps trying to figure out what happened.. but so far
it still isn't working.

It's very frustrating because I have so many things I'd love to share
but it kills me to not add pictures!

I even have a fun trip lined up with reservations at
a great looking B&B, but how can I share it with you...
WITHOUT pictures?!?!

Hopefully, it will all be resolved soon!
Thank you to those who check back in with me every so often.

Graniteware Gal  :  )