Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Great Pix from Na-Da

More Great Pix of Na-Da
I want to give a shout out to some wonderful fellow vendors.
These gals at Na-Da had awesome booths!
I only wish I could've made the rounds and taken pix of all of them.
The crowd was on its way & the clouds were rolling in
so I never made it outside to photograph the dealers out there -
but they were wonderful, too!!

                   What a beautiful place to sit and enjoy some java & one of Anne Marie's treats!

Delightful! Skip the diet tonight!
The beautiful daughters of Christie Carter & Anne Marie!
Yes! This really is in a shed!!
Some of the other great vendors - - -
This super gal was the owner of the very first shop that ever stole my heart!!
Now she owns an other great shop - Red Bird Vintage - in Morris, IL
What a sweet shop from Cottage Industry!
Visit her blog- - A Sort of Fairy Tale
A Ruffled Nest even brought in a whole diningroom! What a display! 
This post is getting long so I'll leave it at that.
 I have several more special gals to share with you-
but I'll save them for another post.
                                                  Graniteware Gal :  )




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