Monday, March 24, 2014

Problems with my Blog Page

Hi Friends!
I've been wanting to make a new post for quite some time,
but I've run into a snag.
What's a blog post without pictures?! I LOVE pictures!!
Ever since my Christmas post, I haven't been able to add
any photos to my posts. I keep trying...
and my sweet hubby (who can fix anything)
keeps trying to figure out what happened.. but so far
it still isn't working.

It's very frustrating because I have so many things I'd love to share
but it kills me to not add pictures!

I even have a fun trip lined up with reservations at
a great looking B&B, but how can I share it with you...
WITHOUT pictures?!?!

Hopefully, it will all be resolved soon!
Thank you to those who check back in with me every so often.

Graniteware Gal  :  )