Thursday, November 8, 2012

At the Na-Da Farm Barn Sale

Well, I've done it -- entered Blogland. I'm feeling lost and small and a bit overwhelmed... but thrilled!

It will take awhile to work out the kinks! Like... what's up with the orange font color? And how do I get pictures on my header?? Anyway...

A few weeks ago, I participated in Na-Da. It was fabulous! For anyone who hasn't been there yet all I can say is -  YOU'VE GOTTA GO! Wonderful dealers! Believe me - you can't believe this is in a barn - well, really a big shed. Marvelous!

Here are a few pix from my booth Gray Graniteware Farmhouse.

                                                              A few October things

                                                                  The PRIMITIVES

                                                                   Ready for Winter!

                                                               More of the Shabby look

Many of the things in my booth will be available in my etsy shop. Hop on over for a look-see!

                                                                        Graniteware Gal

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