Monday, March 25, 2013

Visit Post Road Vintage!

Is it still snowy where you live? Here in my neck of the woods we received another beautiful layer of the white stuff last night. *The big, fluffy, fairyland kind!* 

However...if your aching for some spring weather - aching to get outside and dig in the dirt - having spring fever and just needing a change - head over for a visit at Heather's blog.

She's hosting a give-away this week! Hold onto your hats...(drum roll)... she's giving away a chance to win a whole year's worth of her FABULOUS magazine!! Yes, you heard correctly! Her magazine is wonderful so don't miss out!

                                                      Just click on the link below.


                                                                         Graniteware Gal   :  )

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Found Goodies

Yes, the snow remains here in Northern IL. It's lovely to look at...from inside the cozy warmth of the house, but it does create a bit of cabin fever. So an outing was in order.

Here are the goodies that I picked up a few weeks ago with some of my Christmas money. It was such a treat to be out and about and spoil myself a little!

 a neat wire basket, 2 ricers - one for me and one for my etsy shop, a spool of twine with wonderful repro scissors, a wooden finial - that I plan to add to another project soon, a wire egg separator, some lovely faux greenery - just in time to give the house a spring sprucing, a wooden paddle mold - for sugar - I think, a beautiful piece of tin bake ware, a bail-handled graniteware pail (and a parrrr-tridge in a pear tree).

I need another graniteware pail like a hole in the head but then... I am Graniteware Gal.  :  )
                                                        Have a great day!!