Friday, January 25, 2013

Moving from Christmas to Spring

Why does it seem so hard for me to leave Christmas behind and move ahead toward spring?

Every year I linger in the joys and coziness of the holiday, the warmth of Christmas. I suppose I linger longer than most. Most have long since cleared away all reminders of the season, crated the boxes and tubs of decorations back up to the attic, and moved on to the spare, clean look of spring...yet I linger.
I long to remain...sip another cup of coffee...bask in the joy of sitting alone, after all have gone to sleep, and gaze at the glow of the Christmas tree decked out in all its symbolism and finery. Enjoying the true meaning of the season.
I guess I have somewhat of an excuse. Since we host an annual After-the-Holiday Party for our church family each January, it gives me a reason to leave things up and enjoy them just a bit longer.
Yet, if it weren't for January birthdays and the need to decorate for those, I think I'd be secretly wishing to leave up the holiday things almost until the first fresh blade of grass peeked through.
Packing up all the things that remind me of Christmases long ago spent with those I love so not so easy. So I linger a bit longer...pondering...relishing....

But now it is time to move ahead...knowing I will look forward to next year. I must move ahead to garden catalogues, spring cleaning, and thoughts of throwing open the windows and doors to hear the singing birds and to breathe in spring's freshness. Soon the snow will disappear and God's beautiful flowers will emerge. Welcome Spring!