Thursday, February 28, 2013

Together At Last

Can't believe I forgot to post this awhile ago. For those who follow me on facebook you've seen this already but for the record....

A few years ago I purchased the wonderful George Washington sugar bowl,
that you see above in my blog header photo,
from my friend Vanessa at Mattie's Menagerie on etsy.

I hoped that somedayI might find his beloved sweetheart  - Martha.
Then one day a few months ago...
as I was clicking around on Etsy,
to my surprise(!!) there she was!
I wasted no time in purchasing her and welcoming her into her new home.

Now they sit...together at last.
They look so happy...don't you think?
Thank you RockinHeartJewelry (on Etsy)!
  Together they sit atop the jelly cupboard in our diningroom (yes, right there in the header photo -George is no longer alone!)

                       Have a great day!     
                                       Graniteware Gal

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